High quality design

High quality design

Each of our high-quality, contemporary developments is unique and sympathetically designed to suit the local environment.

Every Downsizer Home meets the highest standards and quality principles recommended in the landmark HAPPI report (PDF 4.67MB) on innovation in housing for an older population.

This means that superior levels of space, abundant natural light, good circulation, top energy efficiency and plentiful storage all come as standard.

Downsizer Homes are designed and built for modern-day living. Well-proportioned, thoughtful and flexible contemporary living spaces allow you to create adaptable, multi-functional rooms.

You’ll find contemporary interiors styled by professional designers, plus intelligent storage, such as built-in wardrobes to give you plenty of space for your belongings.

All properties meet the latest energy efficiency standards, so you should be able you to cut your energy use and bills, while knowing you’re helping to reduce the impact on the environment.


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