Service charges

Service charges

With over 50 years’ experience of managing service charges, you can trust Hanover to help look after your property.

The service charge you pay covers the upkeep and maintenance of shared areas and amenities. This includes:

  • The Building Super’s work to look after the grounds, gardens and communal areas
  • Upkeep and redecoration of shared areas (for example, lobbies, staircases and corridors)
  • Buildings insurance
  • Service and repair of communal equipment such as lifts, door entry systems and fire alarms
  • Maintenance of the building structure.

Before the start of each financial year, we consult with you about what we expect to spend on your development in the year ahead and set an appropriate local budget.

The amount you pay depends on the type of development, how many bedrooms you have and the services provided. At the end of each year, we send you an externally audited service charge account with an auditor’s certificate.

For service charge costs (where confirmed) at current developments, please see Find a property, or use our Living Costs Comparison Calculator to compare our costs with those of your current home.


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